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ActionView, Ruby on Rails

What is ActionView?

ActionView Helpers

ActionView has built in helpers that are used in the view in rails.
Below are common ActionView Helpers and some examples of what they do:


To demonstrate and visualize ActionView features I have create the following project which is posted online at: Code for this project is located in the file.

Project Files


In application.html.erb file there are the following ActionView items:

  1. The stylesheet_link_tag and javascript_include_tag are asset tag helpers that generate the html that links the .erb to the assets including stylesheets and javascripts.
  2. The csrf_meta_tags is a helper that helps to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery
  3. <%= yield %> Is an ActionView tool that creates the layout
    “3.2 Understanding yield. Within the context of a layout, yield identifies a section where content from the view should be inserted. The simplest way to use this is to have a single yield, into which the entire contents of the view currently being rendered is inserted” If the <%= yield %>  instead looked like <%= yield %>  


  1. <%= render 'form' %> Render creates a new template and in this case a form.


  1. <%= form_tag(dogs_path, :method = "get", id: "search-form") do %>
    form_tag is for  a form that posts, whereas form_for is a form helper that allows a user to create or update
  2.  <%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search], placeholder: "Search Users" %>
    text_field_tag is a form helper that creates a text field.
  3. <%= submit_tag "Search", :name = nil %> is a form helper that creates a submit button

/supplies/app/views/foods/_form.html.erb file

  1. <%= f.date_select(:expiration_date,:start_year = 2014, end_year: 2030) %>
    date_select is a date helper and start and end year are some of the options that can be used with this helper.

September 13, 2014, Natasha Crowley